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Rising Revenue Search Profit-Per-Click Solution is an evolutionary step forward in search campaign management. Most search management systems provide you with the ability to identify your best performing keywords and bid accordingly. Some even allow you to set up rules based bidding. They are all still subject to human inefficiencies that come with a high price tag. We eliminate the "human factor" and replace it with sophisticated, highly complex algorithmic bid management that optimizes campaign waste by re-allocating resources towards profitable clicks. The result is profitable campaigns without tedious hands-on management.

Conversion based bidding, Fully automated management, Constantly evolving campaigns.

The software allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors because it never sleeps. It continuously and relentlessly monitors your competitors and the marketplace, and then it makes adjustments based on the data it is gathering. The software is an artificial intelligence that utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to process the large amount of data it gathers daily-data such as keywords that convert, most effective ad copy, times of day, days of the week, most efficient cost per click, natural search terms. You control what you pay per sale, lead, or conversion. The result is more conversions, more impressions, smarter clicks and a lower cost-per-click.

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Getting started is surprisingly easy, no time consuming set up or learning curve. All we need from you is your Google Ad Words account number (found in the upper right hand corner of your account page) and we will send you an invitation for MMC account access (which is a low level access to your Google Ad Words account). We'll run a complete PPC campaign audit and email you the results. If you like what you see we will set up a smarter campaign in your account, leaving it paused. Simply unpause the new campaign when you are ready and watch the results. Start today and be making more money by next week.

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(personal coaching)

Conversion growth: 49%
Cost per conversion reduction: 34%

"An invaluable tool in launching, managing and fine tuning our PPC campaign. We have experienced significant growth in volume and drop in costs per conversion as a result of Finch's services. Finch has also made managing our campaign clear - and easy to implement."

Schott Taylor,
Online Marketing Manager

(refurbished electronics)

Conversion growth: 5,457%
Cost per conversion reduction: 77%

"... helped us realize the potential of our unique conversion path by giving us information on each device we bring in. This revolutionized the way that we structured our conversion path, and gave us the data we need to profitably grow our market share through paid search."

Stephen Wakeling,
Internet Marketing

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